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YUVA: A Component Based React Library

I started developing my first React Based Library, which is by now, is just a side project.

You can consider this series, as the progress of YUVA, as a library, which I will keep updating in this series, every week.

Current Status of the Project

  1. Created a Button component, in which you can pass title and type prop. title: You can pass title as a prop get text inside the button.
<Button title="Yuva" />
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which will be shown like the below button

Button title

type: If you need, eithher primary button, or ghost button, info buttons etc. You just have to pass type as a prop, and then you can call any type of pre-defined button.

<Button type="primary" title="Manas" />
<Button type="success" title="Manas" />
<Button type="warning" title="Manas" />
<Button type="danger" title="Manas" />
<Button type="info" title="Manas" />
<Button type="text" title="Manas" />
<Button type="ghost" title="Manas" />
<Button type="raised" title="Manas" />
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Button types

Only this is being done by now, and planning to increase more functionality in the Button prop.

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