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Newbie frontend developer incoming

Hey everyone,
This is my first post on any social platform, I would like to apologize 🙏 for any mistakes that I would have made.

I need the help of the community at this time.
I am currently a computer science major student trying to pursue a career in web development, and I am having a problem mastering one of the most basic topics in web development i.e. HTML and CSS.

I have already taken a couple of courses from YouTube and other platforms teaching Html and CSS and I have a basic knowledge about Html and CSS.

The problem I am facing is that although I know how to use Html and CSS, I am having a lot of problems in applying these concepts to real-world projects. I have read many blogs suggesting replicating some websites as the best form of practice of Html and CSS and I have also done that, but the issue with these websites is I am unable to practice complex topics like forms and tables. For a time I found a resource,
the resource was very good but after completing the frontend part It only took me so far, and now I am running short on ideas on how to practice any further

Please, I would like to ask for your help. Suggest me some way to overcome this plateau condition. Any website similar to any other resource, idea, suggestion, anything would work

Sorry for such a long post but any help would be appreciated.

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Benjioe • Edited

Maybe you can contribute to open source (some reasons why) :

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Benjioe • Edited

And freecodecamp/ looks like what you search (projects idea)

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Thank you so much, I really appricate these suggestion.The freecode camp looks cool and the links to start contributing to opensource are just godsent.

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Hana Belay

Don't expect to master them. Just continue on making more and more projects. Every project teaches you something that you didn't know before. If you run out of ideas, you can always google..there are plenty of them!

Good luck.

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Angelo Ryndon

Hello there

My suggestion is to build something that is closely related to what you like. E.g. if you like games, build a simple game in the browser using plain JS, Html and CSS.

Imo a simple game is good practice because it will definitely have lots more logic compared to parts of webpages (like the forms and tables you mentioned).

If you are not into building a simple game, one suggestion I can give is to build a recommender system, also with the basic trio for web dev. Some good logic to practice here as well, then basic design typical on crud sites.

I actually wanted to suggest learning using a backend as well and go fullstack, but starting with just the frontend with in-memory data is also a good way to start.

Going the CRUD route to learn the basics (which is what you will do in most jobs in industry) is kinda boring in my opinion - unless you really find writing them exciting. I'm saying this because you are a CS major, so you have more time compared to some people who want to be job ready asap.

Good luck on the journey!

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Try building micro projects, e.g. navbars, forms, cards etc. Build 10 navbars with different designs, Build 20 cards with different finctionalities. Find features in websites that you like and implement them. Eventually you'll be able to carry out these components fluently.

Then experiment with layouts. Try placing components you built in a page. Follow popular layouts like or youtube. After a while start working on responsive layouts.

Every webpage consist of these small features that are put together. If you get comfortable with them, you can build anything you want.

I'm also tryin to follow a similar road map. I'll be glad if I can help you in this path, so feel free to contact me.

Good luck!

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