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Create a free and elegant code screenshot is a free online snippet screenshot generator where you can create screenshots of your code snippets.

Transform your code by choosing from a range of syntax colors, hide or show the background, and many other customizations. example screenshot

Features available

  • 30 background image
  • 27 theme highlight
  • 7 font name
  • Font size
  • Line Height
  • Show line toggle
  • Blur line parameter
  • Tab size
  • And +8 more feature

However, if you want to share code to your community do not forget to propose a link to copy it directly because unfortunately it is not possible to copy the code via the image natively and it is a problem of accessibility. as Savvas Stephanides indicates on his article that I advise you on

Finally, Kod is a nice and easy way to create nice screenshots of clips quickly.

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