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Agile Board: A Trello-like API in NestJS with Unit and e2e Testing

🚀 Agile Board: Simplify Project Management with Ease!

Introducing Agile Board, a Trello-like API powered by Node.js and NestJS. 🌟

Streamline your project management, enhance team collaboration, and effortlessly track tasks with our user-friendly API. Here's what you can do:

🔹 Create Custom Workspaces and Boards: Tailor your workspaces and boards to match your project needs. Flexibility at its finest.

🔹 Effortless Task Management: Add, update, and track tasks across multiple boards and workspaces.

🔹 Seamless Collaboration: Collaborate seamlessly with team members by adding comments to tasks. Keep everyone in the loop.

🔹 Robust Security: Implemented password hashing and precise permission control at the backend to ensure your information remains safe.

Your insights and suggestions are welcomed!

🧬 Postgres and TypeOrm: For streamlined database interactions.

🧬 Testing: Unit and end-to-end testing for one of the modules showcases the power of testing.

🧬 Global Database Setup and Teardown: Effortlessly manage your database for E2E testing—customizable to your exact needs.

🧬 Dynamic Config Module: Seamlessly switch between configurations for normal operations and testing.

Explore Agile Board now on GitHub, and don't hesitate to share your valuable feedback.
Note: Documentation preview is available, but you'll need to set it up using the provided .env.example for usage.

You can view the API documentation here

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Bring all your tasks, teams, and tools together in one centralized platform! Open to contributions⭐ Raise a PR⚡! You can view API Docs Here

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Nest framework TypeScript starter repository.


$ yarn install
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Running the app

# development
$ yarn run start

# watch mode
$ yarn run start:dev

# production mode
$ yarn run start:prod
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# unit tests
$ yarn run test

# e2e tests
$ yarn run test:e2e

# test coverage
$ yarn run test:cov
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