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A Simple chat app using with NodeJS and ReactJS

I have used:

  • NodeJS with Express for server side logic
  • ReactJS to build a simple client app
  • for real-time connection between both sides

Live Preview
Connect from two different tabs or two different PC's to test it out

shows the landing page
You can use it to understand how sockets work in react with a bit of touch from Material UI(An unoptimized overkill).

I am a full stack developer and i created this small app to understand working of sockets. Here is another resource to learn about socket by JavaScript Mastery.
Source code
Stay Tuned for more coming soon!

What's next?

A detailed article about creating API's using Node.js and MongoDb along with In-memory testing and optional GitHub actions to test and deploy to Heroku whenever I have free time.

GitHub: Link
Fiverr: imidrees
Thanks for reading!

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Viney Rawat

Great article 👌