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10 APIs for your projects

Here are top 10 Web APIs for your web projects.

1) Fake Store API:

The Fake Store API is a free and public web API that provides simulated data for an e-commerce store. This API can be used by developers who are building e-commerce applications

Fake Store API web page image

2) Words API:

Words API is a set of Restful APIs that allow developers to look up word definitions, contextual details, and other
morphological word-specific information, such as synonyms, example usage, part of speech, rhymes, region of
use, etc.

Words api web page image

3) Random user API:

Stop wasting time manually creating fake user data. Just pull through comprehensive random user data from this API. Very handy API for projects. And it simulates real practices much more than hardcoding data.

randomuser screenshot

4) Count API:

Free and simple counting service. You can use it to track page hits and specific events.

count api screenshot

5) AccuWeather API:

It provides weather and forecast across all over the world

accuweather screenshot


The IMDb-API is a web service for receiving movie, serial and cast information. APIs results is a JSON and includes items such as movie specifications, images, posters, trailers, ratings, Wikipedia page content and more.

imdb api screenshot

7) ExchangeRate API:

It allows developers to access up-to-date currency exchange rates and other currency-related data programmatically.

exchange rate api screenshot

8) Lyrics & Music API:

This API provides deep and powerful tools for searching lyrics, artists or albums. Unlike other APIs, it can also search by lyrics and does not need a separate artist and song name entries.

ksoft screenshot

9) News API:

Locate articles and breaking news headlines from news sources and blogs across the web with our JSON API.

new api screenshot

10) Dicebear Avatars API:

Create avatars for your profiles, designs, websites or apps. Piece by piece or based on a seed.

dicebear screenshot

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