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Hey !
But what about ag ?
I consider this is as a serious alternative
to unify these systems made by property guys.



I cannot argue there will always be many options. But then this is a mess. For example I like dwm, st, vim, unite.vim, goyo.vim, limelight.vim, gruvbox, xrdb all these good old tools together makes very appreciable desktop environments too...


Tmux has basically become my desktop. Iā€™m also using the Lynx text based browser, so I have no idea why I bother running an X server actually...

Have you tried edbrowse yet ? šŸ˜Œ


oh yeah, I LOVE Vim. And it works really well cross-platform, too. I did an article a while ago on VIM setup on Windows, I'd love to write a new one if people are interested in that.


I wanted to mention what's built-in. There are obviously TONS of options, even cross-platform options that are good, too.

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