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Articles that made my Week #008 & #009 - 😢

Hey! Getting into the week I hadn't published my weekly blog post on time and felt really sad about it. I hate that I haven't been consistent enough with these mini updates. I don't feel like I'm the most motivated at the moment.. but really who is?

Something nice happened though!

Last week was err tough too! A lot of my time went into getting this article about my career up. Loving writing it. Definitely different.

So jumping right into it. I'm happy that I have been reading content I should be. As a conference and developer event organizer I'm really getting into running events online seeing as offline isn't possible at the moment. I love a good hackathon and this article by Arkodyuti is super informative for anyone in the developer events space.

This is a little cheeky but I really liked reading the articles I wrote. I didn't write up my mini update because I was busy writing articles, coping and healing. So sharing these was really nice, and hearing that people loved reading them was even better. So if you want it. Last weeks article is here.

The folks at Orbit are great!! Their newsletter is always fun and engaging. This particular release though mentioned a tool I love - auxparty. It's one of the only thinks keeping sane right now and they shared how you can add the audio from an auxparty to a Zoom call and I'm here for it. There's a lot more though, check it out.

Networking in Docker can be nightmare, I'm working on some Docker content and I'm trying to get as much information as I can before putting anything out. Check out Maxim (who has the coolest username btw) and his article to get you past those networking blues.

I'm slowly getting back into my rhythm so I'm happy about that. How was your week?

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