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For me this process was tough as well, not only in the sense that I was struggling to learn the tech stack that I needed, but also that I was the responsible for that particular project as a new hire in one of my previous jobs, which started to become insane.

I think managing expectations with your team has to be one of the first things to try, so you can let them know that you need support/mentoring not only in the technical skills but also may be as well in some personal aspects.
On the other hand, biking back home after the office hours worked for me in order to reduce my stress levels of the day and set a before and after in the day. I'm a musical person so another thing I've tried as soon as I arrived home was to just relax and listen to some music. Always take into account that work-life balance is the cornerstone for your wellbeing and to have an optimal performance.

Regarding motivation, one thing that I just discovered a couple of months ago in my current job is that I tend to do this by getting small pieces of satisfaction out of the job done or what I learned during the days, let me explain.

First, what you say is crucial, you are realizing what skills you need to practice in order to handle the tasks in your job. What I usually do is to start thinking I need to learn X, Y and Z in order to collaborate in some project or get a feature done. What I do now is focus on making baby steps to learn what I need from X,Y and Z, by breaking it into modular topics and preferably applying this into a personal or sandbox project.So I make a daily plan in which a couple of hours before or after the office, I focus on learning or solving small doubts that I have regarding those topics by implementing them on a sandbox project.
I have been doing that for almost 3 months, and not only I have learned a lot in the process, but also I have recovered my confidence as a developer which I think is one of the most important things in our job.

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