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New project - pill tracker.

Magda Rosłaniec
I want to create great Django apps. I like Python and CSSArt
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This going to be a pretty small app. Firstly I want to create it in React.js and then recreate it in React Native. I need a mobile version more but I also want to learn CRUD operations in React in general. So I hope to kill two birds with one stone. Or maybe even 3 because it's not going to be not only a UI but also I will be working with a database. 

User Story:

  1. Mary needs to give her son medicines every day. The kid has to take the medicines for a longer period of time. 
  2. The doctor prescribes a few packs of the drugs, so Mary needs to call the doctor and make an appointment at least 2 weeks before the drugs are running out. 
  3. Mary has an app where she writes down the name of a drug, the amount of pills in the pack(s) she has, the dosing frequency and the dose.
  4. She also wants to store the name and the telephone number of a doctor, the approximate date of running out of the drug as well as the date of the next appointment.
  5. When she puts all the data, she wants to be notified when she needs to give the pill (with a nice sound), she wants to tick the tracker when she gives her son the pill and she wants to see how many doses are left. 
  6. She wants to be informed by the system that she needs to call the doctor. It could be a nice addition if that information was also sent by email/SMS to her husband. 

As I wrote before, I'm going to be using React and React Native. I also want to use Redux and Sqlite for React Native. For styling, I'm choosing my favourite styled-components that can be used in React Native. And FontAwesome for icons. 

Discussion (6)

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Wrote similar features for a veterinary firm a few years back (iOS/Android). Setting up scheduling for irregular and reduction dosages/schedules was tough. Some scripts had two per day for an interval and then one per day, then a reduction from there. The general idea they had was not only to help the animal caretaker but collect prescription usage across their many sites. BTW, Redux confuses me. LOL

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Magda Rosłaniec Author

I have the same feelings about Redux but I want to learn using it.

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Daniel Koprowski • Edited

Sound good - as an nice addition I would see:

7) Mary wants to see estimated visit in drug store/end of medicine in her google calendar/outlook.

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Magda Rosłaniec Author

Thank you for the new idea.

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Sounds like a well thought out and interesting plan Magda. All the best.

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Magda Rosłaniec Author

Thank you for your kind words.