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Discussion on: Where do you see the future headed in terms of challenges and opportunities for women who code?

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I've seen that impression before, although my last dev role was almost evenly split male-female, and all except me were considered senior or lead for HR purposes. Even there, though, some told me they wanted to change careers to do something more interesting.

I remember a woman also telling me in college that coding was a low-paying and unrewarding job. (She and I are black, and I think this impression is why you see fewer black Americans in software engineering jobs.) Many people and websites say that this is false, but my own experience (and the hidden notes from devs in video games) suggest it's low paying and unrewarding. Those challenges supercede the "bro culture" as the barrier to entry.

The opportunity is there, though my cynicism says that hard work isn't the (only) factor in who gets the opportunities. That same team I mentioned above is full of hard workers who can't avoid the rabbit hole they've fallen into, and they're stuck in their career. Their options are to retire early or career-change and try to get an entry-level job.

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Evaldas Buinauskas

Yeah, hard work will not always get you there, but I believe this is important part of the formula to succession.

There are a lot of other skills needed to succeed in your career. I probably need to work for more companies to see a wider picture because where I'm now, it's not really an issue, at the very beginning we had very few ladies doing development but as the team has grown, more women got hired just because they did better during the interviews and really wanted the role.