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Discussion on: Advanced devs and beginner devs can co-exist harmoniously. It's not rocket science.

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I created an account and then immediately deleted it. My main beef with SO is, of course, when it's used as a recruiting tool. You hit the nail on the head when you said it's not about answering your question, but the "quality" of the content. This leads to a system where you game the system and put up with egotism on something inconsequential.

So, I actually like mentoring and helping people starting out. More than solving problems (unless you consider their situation to be a problem). I never got anything of that sort outside of my very first programming gig. And though I don't like using terminology like "toxicity," for convenience sake I'll say my dev career had that--even (and sometimes especially) from other so-called marginalized groups, so I kinda grew without any help. So for me helping beginners and juniors is a big deal.

I thought of making something like but for mathematicians/majors/whatever a few years ago for the same reason--having a community that helped each other. I'd like to see what math enthusiasts think about that, but I think there's a similar mentality you hear about in the dev community.