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Discussion on: How do you deal with burnout and low motivation?

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I wasn't necessarily burned out for 7 years straight. At that point in time, I

  • just became a father
  • was studying CS full-time (the burnout led me to switch to math that year)
  • working full-time at yet another job where I was underpaid
  • was jaded by how difficult finding a new job was

It took a few years, but I changed careers. After I got laid off from that job, I didn't want to keep doing sales, but I didn't want to be an employee (contract was okay), so I started a software business, putting lots of hours into it.

None of that worked out, so it all recently has come back. For me, I think I have to relegate actual development to hobby status, or I'll stay unmotivated.

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Ryan Norton Author

I understand. Life takes its toll, and you have to know where this stuff fits, be it hobby or career. I personally have had struggles with finishing my degree as it hasn't always given me much extra time to code. Having a baby girl, wife and full time job keeps everything crazy!