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What is Azure Container Registry?


In this article, you will walk through the steps to create an Azure container registry.



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The ability to package and run an application in a container is provided by Docker. You can run many containers at the same time on a host.

You don't need to rely on what is currently installed on the host because containers are lightweight and contain everything needed to run the application.

It's easy to share containers while you work, but make sure everyone gets the same container.

Azure Container Registry


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Microsoft's own hosting platform is called the azure container registry. Container images and related artifacts can be stored in a private registry service. In this article, you create a container registry instance. Pull and run the container image from your registry after using Docker commands. Data endpoint storage accounts are managed by the registry service in a multi-tenant service.

Use cases

There are various deployment targets that you can pull images from an azure container registry.

  • Containerized applications can be managed across clusters of hosts.
  • Azure services that support building and running applications at scale include AKS, App Service, Batch, Service Fabric, and others.

ACR Tasks can be configured to automatically rebuild application images when their base images are updated or to automate image builds when your team commits code to a Git repository.

ACR Features

  • You can create container registries in your subscription. The three tiers of the registry are Basic, Standard, and Premium.

  • You can use the standard docker login command or the azure CLI to log in. Container images can be transferred over the internet with the help of the azure container registry.

  • Each snapshot is a read-only snapshot of the container. Windows and Linux images can be included in the container registry. You have control over the image names for your container deployment.

  • ACR Tasks can be used to streamline the building, testing, pushing, and deployment of images.


Kindly watch the below video to walk through the steps to create an Azure container registry.


You have created a Container Registry, Installed Docker on the Linux VM, and Pushed the image to the registry.

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