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Need ideas about some SW/application for writing

Hi, I want to write about some technical discussion about system designs, architecture designs, programming techniques and how to deal with troubles in real-world but I've found that it is very difficult to just explain topics via multiple arbitrary and unconnected examples. I've got some topics in my mind but I cannot convey them into words. My writing is not good enough. So I'm thinking of implementing some real product while writing about it at a same time. I can post all the design considerations here and will receive feedbacks which will help me (and maybe other people) a lot.

The problem is that I cannot think of any ideas about software/applications that are not only practical but also useful for real-life use cases. Simple case studies are good but I'm afraid of that the readers will lose the interest. So any suggestion would be welcome and appreciate.

Thank you very much.

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Cássio Hübner

You might want to take some existing app as example and describe how you'd implement a clone.

E.g., Instagram, HackerNews.