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vscode scrubbing

Maia Taewana
Visual live coding
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scrubbing experiment

the cursor is locked during drag operation and is hidden

This is a small proof-of-concept for the VSCode extension. Scrubbing is a required part of live shader coding and it was important to have this part working with the current VSCode API and WebView limitations.

// This is the code that computes the new value
// from the scrubbing distance. It is meant to allow
// very small and very large changes in value.
// (POW: 5, BIG: 100, FAR: 400, MAX_RES: 6, POW_RES: 3, FAR_RES: 100)
const big = isFloat ? BIG : BIG * 10
const delta = Math.pow(dist / FAR, POW)
const value = base + delta * big
const resol = MAX_RES / Math.max(1, Math.abs(Math.pow(dist / FAR_RES, POW_RES)))
const [a,b] = value.toString().split('.')
element.innerHTML = isFloat ? `${a}.${(b || '0').slice(0, resol)}` : a
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Source: vscode-tuitui

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