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Remove /web from URL in Drupal

By default, when you create your Drupal project using composer it will create project under /web directory.

When you’re using shared hosting for your Drupal website which points your domain to /public_html folder and you’re not allow to change that pointing directory

Now whenever your targeted audience will have to visit your website, they must open it like this and which is not a good user experience to add /web at the end of your URL to view home page of your website.

So, how can we serve our website from /public_html/web folder but no need to append /web in URL by your targeted audience?

Here is the summary, which I learned:

1- Move all files and folders from web to root folder
2- Open composer.json remove /web and add ./

"drupal-scaffold": {
 "locations": {
    "web-root": "./"
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3- Remove /web from composer.json in installer-paths

"installer-paths": {
  "core": [
  "libraries/{$name}": [
   "modules/contrib/{$name}": [
   "profiles/contrib/{$name}": [
    "themes/contrib/{$name}": [
     "drush/Commands/contrib/{$name}": [
     "modules/custom/{$name}": [
     "profiles/custom/{$name}": [
    "themes/custom/{$name}": [
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4- Open file autoload.php replace code with:

return require __DIR__ . '/vendor/autoload.php';
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5- Remove vendor and core folders and run this command:

$composer install
$drush cr
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If there is a better way than this, please let me know in the comments. Thanks

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