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MAYA by Spotify

maheshthedev profile image Mahesh Sv ・2 min read

Spotify is a leading audio music,Podcast platform in the world right now with 271 million MAU(Monthly active users) and 124 million paid subscribers. This Tech giant experimented a new Concept MAYA with their subscribers. Today, Lets talk about that!

When Spotify was about to launch their product in the Market, They were excited with this new feature that gonna change Digital Music Market called "Discover Weekly".

Discover Weekly is Custom playlist of 30 new songs which you might like to listen or you might want to try new songs which are possibly endup in your curated playlist.This "Discover Weekly" Playlist made by Spotify Ml/AI algorithm using similar genres you like and using some magic trick.

After Successfully lauching the product they found out that this Playlist has a bug that it was showing 8 out of 30 songs which have already been listened by the user or already loved. So as you think, they had resolved it in no time.

They thought now it's gonna take their graph higher than never. Turns out they were wrong(Oops😨!), they found out Customers actually liked the Buggy Algorithm.

Company came up with name of this concept as Mostly Advanced Yet Acceptable(MAYA).

I hope you guys will apply this concept in your daily decisions where you get to highly advanced yet acceptable. Like Pockmen Go, the concept is old but they came up with Virtual Reality(VR) feature[Mostly Advanced Yet Acceptable]

Hoping you like this post!

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