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[GDB-Quick] Using Eclipse Standalone debugger GUI

GDB is debugger that comes with basic functionality of doing everything command line. GDB-TUI provides basic Text UI for debugging source codes with minimum dependencies. At times, Window-GUI is much help to look at much information at snapshot, edit it, view it without explicitly typing all commands and shortcuts.
Here is how we can use eclipse-cdt as standalone debugger.
No need to create projects!

Download Eclipse-CDT package
switch to unzipped folder eclipse\plugins\org.eclipse.cdt.debug.application_*\s
/bin/sh ./

This will install debugger into your $HOME/cdtdebugger/ area

Now Connect to local process with GUI prompt. No need to list process on terminal then type process id!
$HOME/cdtdebugger/ -a

Connect Remote Process
$HOME/cdtdebugger/ -r address:port

Debug binary
$HOME/cdtdebugger/ -e executable

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