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Tools that I use to compose a post

I have been blogging for a month in and I like to share my tools list with you all. Please add yours in comments so that everyone can benefit.

Markdown editor - Typora

If you're using mac and looking for a clean editor, try typora. After trying Obsidian, Joplin and StackEdit I found this editor. Feature that I most like about typora is the WYSIWYG experience.

In all the above editors, we have a preview panel to see the outcome. That's not the case in typora. Also the image resize feature in typora comes in handy in many cases.


Android - screenshots/video - ADBConnect

To capure content to demo from app, ADBConnect is my goto option. It stuck to the menu bar which I can find in a second. Opening the Android Studio and using the logcat's option is painstaking in multiple instances. Also the Logcat video quality is not upto the mark when you record from a real device.

Video editing - iMovie

To keep the content focused, I use iMovie to trim the video and crop the frame. This will bring down the file size, focus on particular interaction and keep the reader in context as the content area is small compared to the original full height video.

Gif conversion - Gifski

Although gif is not space efficient, it is a necessary evil. With this minimalistic tool you can create a gif (even downscale the frame) with few drag and drops.

Few things I learned along the way

  1. When creating the post, it was easier to compose in typora. But for each image in the post I had to upload to and then replace it with local path in the markdown. To avoid this, I open a draft screen in parallel, upload the image and use the url in typora. If you've found a better alternative for image hosting, do post in comments..
  2. When comparing the post in vs the editor, I noticed the post is bit condensed in the former. The space between paragraphs is not much to give a content break. Check the spacing above Adbconnect title and other places. So I place three dots ... in between or ---(horizontal line) to increase the spacing.
  3. In case anyone missed it, use language next to the code block for syntax highlighting.


I'm writing this article from my mobile on Press app just to try it out. I enjoy the editor already. If you haven't started, just start writing and tag me along. I'm looking forward to read.

This post is just to trick the community to give their tool names as I did. I'm excited to try out your tools.

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