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Mahdi Ghanbari
Mahdi Ghanbari

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Need some help for getting started

Hey guys . My name is Mahdi and I am a .Net-core Back-end developer and this is my first post :)) . In this post I want to get some ideas from you cool people for starting to write posts . I don't know where to start , It should be something about my experiences or something else.
I will read all of your advices and appreciate it in advance.
By the way I love to starting to contribute in an open source project in my free times just tell me if you have an interesting one πŸ˜‰
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Khokon M. • Edited on

Hi, Mahdi. Welcome to the writing world. It might seem a bit complicated when starting to write your first article. But that's no big deal. We all have written our first blog.

The best way to start writing is by writing your own experience. Have you faced a simple problem that took hours to solve? Write your experience about how you finally cracked it. So another person can save the hours.
Used a tool that made your life easier? Write a short review about the tool. This will help others discover the tool and the author to get new users. Similarly, you can write about your side projects that you've been working on or published.

Write about that idea or thought that is stuck in your head. Let people interact with your thought so you can have a meaningful discussion.

I can go like this for a lot more ways to write. But the point is, once you start writing, writing itself will get you there. You don't have to begin perfectly, you have to just start!

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Mahdi Ghanbari Author

Thanks, Khokon for your good advices, I will try to use this advices and write great and useful articles

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Khokon M.

It’s my pleasure, Mahdi. And good luck on your writing journey πŸ™Œ