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Part :4 - My Automation Interview Questions in one of leading MNC

How can you perform database validation using Selenium?


Performing database validation using Selenium involves checking that the data displayed on a web application matches the data stored in the underlying database.

This ensures data consistency and integrity between the front-end and back-end systems.

Use Case:

In a specific project context, we encountered a scenario involving user registrations, where user details are stored in a database. To validate the accuracy of this process, I developed a Selenium test.

This test goes beyond merely confirming the success message on the user interface post-registration; it also includes a database query to verify that the user’s information has been accurately and securely stored in the database.

Code Snippet:

// Assume the user registration flow has been completed, and now we want to perform database validation
// Get the user details from the UI
String expectedUsername = driver.findElement("username")).getText();
String expectedEmail = driver.findElement("email")).getText();
// Query the database to retrieve user details
String actualUsername = database.executeQuery("SELECT username FROM users WHERE email = ''");
String actualEmail = database.executeQuery("SELECT email FROM users WHERE username = 'JohnDoe'");
// Perform assertions to validate data consistency
assertEquals(expectedUsername, actualUsername, "Username mismatch between UI and database");
assertEquals(expectedEmail, actualEmail, "Email mismatch between UI and database");


An exception that might occur is a SQLException if there is an issue with the database query execution or if the database is unreachable. Proper exception handling and logging are crucial to capture and address such issues.


One challenge was dealing with variations in the database state due to other concurrent processes. To address this, I ensured that the database was in a consistent state before running validation tests by using predefined data sets or cleaning up test data after each execution.

Another challenge was managing database credentials securely within the automation framework. I addressed this by using encrypted configurations and limiting access to sensitive information only to authorized team members.

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