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Write github reviews comments from vim

Critiq is a neovim plugin to review github pull requests.

To setup Critic you have to set environment variables in your shell.
Be aware - if you want to use it in a corporate field, you access token should authorized the sso from your organization.

Usually you are doing it in exporting this in you shell rc file.
In my case it is the ~/.zshrc in bash it is in the ~/.bashrc

export GH_PASS="Your github token generated [here]("
export GH_USER="YourGithubUsername"
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With :Critiq you get an separated buffer with all the open pull requests.

With enter, you will open the diff which belongs to the pr.
With :CritiqCommentLine you can right away commenting on the line. It will open a separated split buffer. With :CritiqSubmitComment
it will post your comment on github.

In the case that you are satisfied with the PR, you can also use CritiqApprove to approve the request.

Sadly this extension is not touched for a long time. It will still do the work, but occasionally you will facing some error, if you want to open a pr. But in general you are able to work with that extension.

This are the main feature in my opinion.

But there are a lot more possibilities if we take a look on the Commands:

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I will try to adapt my workflow and figuring out if this will feel comfortable, but it looks promising.

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Hi! The link to critiq doesn't work :(

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Here is a fork of it

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