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qutebrowser and greasemonky script

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qutebrowser is a very spartanic but very powerful chromium based Web-Browser. The qutebrowser is a keyboard-focused browser with minimal GUI. It was inspired from browser add-ons like vimperator. But because of the minimalistic approach it lacks here and there on some convenience. Luckily we don't have to bother about addblocker, because this is build in. It is a hosts based blacklisting approach to block adds.

The main missing extensions from my side is to support greasemonky scripts. But even that is possible. But you don't have the convenient GUI like in the firefox or chrome extension. Instead you have to put your scripts in a specific directory. Under Linux the directory is located in ~/.local/share/qutebrowser. So, if you want to use your greasemonky scripts, put your script in this directory. With :greasemonkey-reload you are reloading all the scripts and the will kick in, after a reload of the page.

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