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Jira as cli - At least Jira less annoying

Jira... I hate Jira. I hate it so much, that I try to avoid it as much as possible. I think, most of the developers feel with me.
Luckily there is a awesome project which transfer the jira api to a CLI tool which make it, at least less annoying. This tool is go-jira. It is programmed in go-lang and after you fiddled the authentication you are more or less free from using the GUI.

For the common tasks in Jira, I created some zsh function as alias and combined this with a custom configuration which contains the search and filter terms to display my tickets and stories of interests.

# open vim for commenting on a ticket id
alias comment='f() { jira comment $1 };f' 
# assign and unassign ticket 
alias subtaskUnassign='f() { jira unassign $1 };f' 
alias subtaskAssign='f() { jira assign $1 ###MY_LDAPID###  };f' 

# change the workflow status of a subtask or story 
alias subtaskReview='f() { jira transition "In Review" $1 };f' 
alias subtaskProgress='f() { jira transition "In Progress" $1 };f' 
alias subtaskDone='f() { jira transition "Done" $1 };f' 

# custom search for all stories in the current sprint
alias sprint='jira listStories' 

# list Subtask for a story
alias subtask='f() { jira listSubtasks $1};f' 

alias subtaskView='f() { jira view $1};f' 

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My config file for the custom search is here

If you want, you can crate a template for special views. I created a template in table format which displayed only the minimum information of a ticket:

{{/*  table template */ -}} 
{{$w := sub termWidth 170 -}}
| {{ "Issue" | printf "%-10s" }}  | {{ "Summary" | printf (printf "%%-%ds" (sub $w 9)) }}  | {{"Status" | printf "%-12s"}} | {{ "Assignee" | printf "%-12s" }} |
{{ range .issues -}} 
| {{ .key | printf "%-10s"}}  | {{ .fields.summary | abbrev (sub $w 9) | printf (printf "%%-%ds" (sub $w 9)) }}  | {{ | printf "%-12s" }} | {{if .fields.assignee}} {{ | printf "%-10s"  }} {{else}}<unassigned>{{end}} |
{{ end -}}
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That looks like this:

| Issue   | Summary   | Status    | Assignee     |
| ID-5018 | Summary 1 | Cancelled | <unassigned> |
| ID-4981 | Summary 2 | In Review | user 1       |
| ID-4915 | Summary 3 | Done      | user 1       |
| ID-4914 | Summary 4 | Backlog   | <unassigned> |
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The template engine is Hugo which is basically yet another template engine based on curly brackets with dot notation for accessing json objects and quite powerful.

To get a round trip in Vim, I have some mapping as well.

" list all Stories in the current sprint 
 map <leader>jS :call ViewSprint() <CR>
 " Shoes the subtask of a ticket
 map <leader>js :call SubtaskJira(expand("<cWORD>"))<CR>

" shows the ticket Content  
 map <leader>jv :call ViewJira(expand("<cWORD>"))<CR>
" comment on a ticket 
 map <leader>jco :call CommentJira(expand("<cWORD>"))<CR>
 " edit a ticket 
 map <leader>je :call EditJira(expand("<cWORD>"))<CR>

" assign and unassign the tickt from me  
 map <leader>ju :call JiraUnassign(expand("<cWORD>"))<CR>
 map <leader>ja :call JiraAssign(expand("<cWORD>"))<CR>

 " List all Tickets in review in current sprint
 map <leader>jro :call JiraOpenReview()<CR>
 " change the ticket status
 map <leader>jr :call JiraReview(expand("<cWORD>"))<CR>
 map <leader>jd :call JiraDone(expand("<cWORD>"))<CR>
 map <leader>jp :call JiraProgress(expand("<cWORD>"))<CR>
 map <leader>jt :call JiraTodo(expand("<cWORD>"))<CR>

 " list the subtask from my a ticket g:ActualTicket is a global vim variable and is set to a Story id
 map <leader>jl :call SubtaskJira(g:ActualTicket)<CR>
 " Create a subtask for ticket id  under the cursor
 map <leader>jn :call JiraCreateSubtask(expand("<cWORD>"))<CR>

 "shows  specifiv tickets from a different board
 map <leader>jpl :call JiraPlatform()<CR>
 " Open the ticket under the curser in browser
 map <leader>jo :call JiraOpen("<cWORD>")<CR>

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The vim functions are implemented here
The implementation is quite naive, but for me its good enough.

And now I just have to find something for Confluence, the another developers nightmare.

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Offirmo • Edited on

Hi mate, I plan to blog about Jira because it seems a lot of developers are "hating" it. Would you mind sharing your concerns? Please comment on this draft:

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Mika Andrianarijaona • Edited on

And now I just have to find something for Confluence, the another developers nightmare.

So true