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Discussion on: My journey from Rspec feature tests to Rails system tests

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Mac Siri

This is very interesting. Here are my thoughts on those drivers

  • Poltergeist: worked great but doesn't officially support es6.
  • Webkit: Installing Qt was a major pain. I eventually got it installed. I thought it gives the best performance but it was passing js tests that should've failed. If I had given it more time I'm sure it would work well.
  • chromehelper: This is what we stuck with, but not the headless version because it felt slower (could be just me). Things worked well out of the box and it pleases me to be testing on the most popular web-driver.

This is the first time I heard of Rails system test. I would have to upgrade to Rails 5 first in order to use it 😅. Thank you so much for sharing!!

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Doug Stull

good to know about es6! Before this feature, I had just finished converting to using webpacker gem and converted a few js files into es6. I don't think I had any system tests around the js classes, so perhaps I'll create one and see how poltergeist does :)