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Maegan Wilson
Maegan Wilson

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New App: iHog OSC Lighting Remote

It's time to release another app! It's called iHog4 OSC Remote. It's an app that sends Open Sound Control (OSC) commands to Hog 4 lighting consoles. This app is only available on iPadOS 13 and above.

But why? Don't other apps exist for this?

There are already some options out there for this like TouchOSC and Hog4Remote, and those are great options, but there is one feature that they are both lacking. That feature is being able to select fixtures from a group and put them in a palette. This was the whole point of making the app because it is something that I felt would be really useful.

Features of the app

You can add your own lists, groups, scenes, and palettes. You can edit the name, the number that they need to trigger, and the color of the object.

Also, when configuring OSC, you don’t need to change any ports around. It’s clearly labeled that you can enter the console’s input port and the console’s output port to start OSC communication.

How much does it cost?

It's a one time purchase of $1.99. There are in-app purchases to help future development. There is no pressure to do this, it is 100% optional and does not impact the apps features.

How to download

It is available to download on the App Store!
Download on the App Store

Need more info?

If you need more information, here are some links for you!

Public GitHub: This is used for issue tracking like if there is a bug or feature. I like to be open about what is currently being worked on and this is where you should go to see that.

Website: This is a website that holds the release notes and support information

Guide: This is a guide of how to use it.

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