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Making Money on the App Store

I just wanted to share this tweet from an indie developer I follow on twitter.

The thread and comments are worth a read when questioning why an app is paid or free or has in app purchases. If the app has servers like for logging in or weather data, then that's a reoccurring expense on the developer, and they need a way to make that money back so the app lives on.

I have both a free app (Universe Converter) and a paid up front up app (iHog). iHog got shared by High End Systems and has been able to pay for itself this year, but not for the website, luckily I also write blog posts that have allowed me to break even. Universe Converter hasn't made any money, but I do get at least 5 downloads a week. Anyone who has used it and found it useful hasn't tipped anything. I'm not expecting anyone too, but it's hard to make money on the App Store. It's hard to break even on the App Store.

This isn't a post begging you to give me money. It's a post to explain that there are costs involved and making money on the App Store is hard.

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