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Maegan Wilson
Maegan Wilson

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Coffee Companion App LS:001

I'm starting to work on a coffee timer app and am building it 100% in the open. I'm streaming the development every Monday and the code is available. I started on May 4th, so my latest stream is at the bottom of this post.

This app is 100% catered to how I make coffee, so I don't think I'm going to release this on the App Store, unless I can implement some other features not on the Linea sketch. The goal is to make the app look pretty similar to the sketch below.

Image of sketch


  • Editable coffee to water ratio
  • Editable blooming time
  • Editable bloom ratio
  • Count up timer

Dev things

  • Built with SwiftUI!
  • Probably won't be released
  • 100% in the open. Code can be found on my GitHub

Where to find work

May 4th's Live Stream

If you enjoy my posts, streams, and apps, consider encouraging my efforts.

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Rushan S J

hey, that's a great project

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Maegan Wilson

I gotta get back to building this. I stopped due to life things.