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What's your favorite Static Site Generator?

Madza on May 12, 2021

SSGs handle the build process before the pages are requested by the client, meaning that they’re ready to serve when requested. Some of the most c...
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Brian Rinaldi

I have a couple favorites depending on the scenario.

If I am building a site that doesn't have complex UI functionality that may require a framework (like React), I use Hugo. It's blazing fast and I have been able to do pretty much anything I want with it (for example, has login, search, etc. and it's all Hugo).

If I need complex UI functionality and want a framework, I go with Next.js. I like the way next handles things like routing and static props. The learning curve feels steep to me and I often feel like I am fighting difficult debugging related to client vs. server values, but those are just some complications of using a frontend framework for Jamstack sites, not specifically any issue with Next.

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Hugo. It's the fastest by far which means it's more suitable as sites get bigger. The reduced time also translates to reduced build times by your hosting company which can mean lower cost. I also really like that it's just one file that you can use anywhere.

I've also tried Jekyll and Eleventy.

The downside of Hugo is that although there is a lot documentation it's not the most easy to understand for some: I think that will depend on one's background though.

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Julian Markiewicz

I would also recommend Hugo. For me an important thing that I was looking for, when picking up an SSG was, that there would be a lot of ready to use, well documented themes (I was felling pretty lazy when changing my website 😄).
I would also agree with @xixianykus that how fast will you get the generator depends mainly on what you were working with previously. I'm working on the frontend in frameworks like vuejs or angualr and there are a lot of similarities between them and Hugo. I just watched the tutorial which introduced me into the hugo development and was ready to go.

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Madza Author

Afaik most of them claim to be 'blazing fast', Gatsby being one of the first examples to come to mind 😀😀 Irl Hugo has been often referenced from devs as being the fastest ⚡

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Dariusz Więckiewicz • Edited

Question is good. My answer will be Hugo, however there is no "good" answer for that. People need to try each one and see what easier for them to use. I tried Hugo first and passed, than go to Gatsby and Jekyll. On the end of my Migration from WordPress I finished with Hugo and I am very pleased with it due to lightning fast builds, fast local development and simplicity.

Each JamStack working slightly different and you need to learn it. I am still learning and Hugo is the thing that will stay with me for some time.

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Paweł Kowalski

SvelteKit ;)

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Yogev Boaron Ben-Har

Really want to use it, waiting for it to get stable...

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Madza Author

did you try sapper as well before that?

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Paweł Kowalski

Yes, but only indirectly, by using routify ( ).

Now im researching options when it comes to SSG im considering SvelteKit or Elder.js (Svelte syntax)

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Mitch Stanley

I'm quite enjoying using Zola for personal projects. Other than that Hugo is always a solid bet.

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Also using Zola for my personal website, and loving it. I haven't explored many other options, but don't really feel the need to as Zola covers 99% of what I want it to do.

It's also quick which is really nice.

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Junxiao Shi

I keep my eggs in multiple baskets.
/t/ has Jekyll.
/study/ has Hexo.
I made custom themes for both, on day 0.
2017 rebuild blog post

Jekyll is fast but I don't know Ruby so I can't change it much.
Hexo is slow but I can read JavaScript to understand how it works, and customize to some extent.

P.S. if you need server side rendering for your staticgen, see:

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Gatsby, because it's the only one I've tried so far and still have lots to learn about it.

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Koray Biçer

If you don't know coding in javascript at least upper basic level then hugo is the best choice. Gatsby and others requires programming knowledge. I tried to make a blog with my limited JS and failed. Even installing plugins can be pain in the as*

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I’m building my own so it’s my favorite :)

It’s going open source soon.

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I love Nuxt + Nuxt contenti. I can config and customize it with my Vue knowledge. WindiCSS integrates with Nuxt well.

I also like Hugo but I think the template and taxonomy are difficult to understand. I do understand about template but I cannot understand taxonomy system enough to make anything (category, tag) about it.

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Thomas Bnt

I like NuxtJs

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Jared White

Bridgetown is my favorite — but I'm biased. (I work on it. 😁)

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Emmanuel Salomon

Nuxtjs + nuxt-content and netlifycms is a really good combo when content are written by many users.

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Thomas Bnt

Content! Yeeep good module!

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Andrew Baisden

NextJS because my current website was built with it.

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Tyler V. (he/him)

I like Gridsome a lot because it's based on Vue and was an easy transition from Gatsby since it was heavily inspired by Gatsby 💚

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Eduardo Weiland

I'm using Hugo in my blog. It's fast and one of the simplest to get started. I've written a blog post about migrating from Wordpress to Hugo in my blog (Portuguese only).

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Raghav9official • Edited

I am building my own ;) tell me if I can add any advancements !

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Lewis Low

My favorite SSG is 11ty.

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Rick Mills

I've quite liked using Jigsaw. I've found it far less awkward to work with than some of the JS ones.

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Pacharapol Withayasakpunt • Edited

Nuxt because of intuitiveness and lots of plugins, but it is not light weight at all.

\me trying to create my own Hugo theme.

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Bill Raymond

I went with Jekyll since GitHub supports it out of the box, making it easier for an occasional developer like myself to quickly get things done. I am interested in learning more about Hugo though.

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I use 11ty for basic things then for more advanced sites I use NextJS.

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Nitin Reddy

My favorite is definitely Jekyll! It's not as popular as it used to be, but it's still a good choice.

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Dhruva Srinivas

Next.js, because of the awesome integration with React, TypeScript, and Vercel's Hosting platform.

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Kinanee Samson

Next js