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What animation libraries do you use?

madza profile image Madza ・1 min read

For the React environment, I would recommend React Spring, Framer Motion, React Motion and React Transition Group.

If you work with Vanilla Javascript and CSS, some of the first ones that comes to mind would be AnimeJS, AnimateCSS, HoverCSS, MoJS, PopmotionJS, DynamicsJS, ProtonJS, KuteJS, ParticlesJS and ThreeJS.

What are your favorite animation libraries?


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joachimzeelmaekers profile image
Joachim Zeelmaekers

Not really an animation library, but I use LottieFiles to implement animations that are developed in Adobe After Effects.
Created by Airbnb, and it has a large community that create free to use animations!

loouislow profile image
Loouis Low

I also use Lottie add to 404-page design for my portfolio website. Lottie is a futuristic way to express ultra-smooth animation in the web.

jkhaui profile image
Jordan Lee

You missed the oldest and arguably most established JavaScript animation library - GSAP. That's personally the only animation library I use.

The only downside is it can be quite difficult to get working properly with React hooks

xyn profile image

LottieFiles, Framer Motion and GSAP. LottieFiles is pretty new for me and it's absolutely awesome. I don't do a lot of design work, but the fact that I get small and high quality animations with the ability to just customize the colors is just awesome.

loouislow profile image
Loouis Low

I used my own toy, it's called FX-Motion.