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Have you ever made money by selling domains?

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Think of the domain industry like any commodity, or stocks, or real estate, whichever works for you. If there is a market there is the potential to make money.

It really boils down to you have to be able to buy a domain that someone will want and be able to sell it at some point for more.

Have you ever considered domain flipping as a side-business?
Is it worth getting involved in today's market?

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Gary Bell

Not personally. But I know someone who was offered a substantial sum of money for one of their domains. They used it as a forwarder to their primary domain in a related field.

Following the interest they declined (and the follow up offer), and set up a new business using that name.

Some domains will be more valuable than others. But if it's worth a lot to someone, there's probably a market to exploit

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I just put it here Cybersquatting

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it's irrelevant now. we now get so much choice to pick our domains. there's 1000+ gTLD, hundred ccTLD.

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Martin Eboh for sale.☺️

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yes, you can but its hard to find good ones, that are affordable

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I sold 2 domains for $4k each. but its not a job)) just luck