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Discussion on: Share your portfolio if you want feedback! (CLOSED)

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Madza Author • Edited

What I liked:

  • The fonts look awesome and very clean.
  • Your photo looks crisp and the oval formatting fits right in.
  • Clean social media icons. Great contrast due to black and white.
  • A nice accent of green here and there thorough the site.
  • List pattern is kept through the site. Simple and minimal, yet effective.
  • Great navigation bar functionality for mobile screens.

Some ideas I would consider:

  • Increase the font-weight for navigation a bit or change their color to a darker shade to match the theme of the hero area. Same for the footer.
  • Remove the extra padding or margin for Blog Archive items, so they keep the same layout pattern as Articles, opensource, and Talks.
  • Use the same font size for the Vitae as you use in previous sections. Currently, Vitae content looks a bit squeezed.
  • Maybe consider using some slight animations between the pages (like fading), so transitions would be smoother.
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Benjamin Muskalla

Thanks, Mazda, very appreciated. Lots of good suggestions, I'll include some of them.

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Madza Author

Awesome to hear, glad you found something useful 👍😉