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21 Awesome DEV portfolios for your inspiration

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The internet is full of portfolios, and getting an employer’s attention in today's marketplace can be quite a challenge.

Here I have compiled a nice list of 21 awesome DEV portfolios to inspire you to build or upgrade yours. Enjoy!

1 - Sean Halpin

Alt Text

2 - Marc Thomas

Alt Text

3 - Hype4

Alt Text

4 - Koombea

Alt Text

5 - Daniel Korpai

Alt Text

6 - Robby Leonardi

Alt Text

7 - Bruno Simon

Alt Text

8 - Rafael Caferati

Alt Text

9 - Brittany Chiang

Alt Text

10 - Joe Rutland

Alt Text

11 - Jacek Jeznach

Alt Text

12 - Kuon Yagi

Alt Text

13 - Moonfarmer

Alt Text

14 - Titus Klein

Alt Text

15 - Jenny Johannesson

Alt Text

16 - Riccardo Zanutta

Alt Text


Alt Text

18 - Animal

Alt Text

19 - Yul Moreau

Alt Text

20 - Resn

Alt Text

21 - Active Theory

Alt Text

I hope you enjoyed the read!

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These are pretty impressive portfolios, I would like to share mine aswell :)



Nice one! What tech stack did you use?
Cool mobile menu😎 how did you do that?


I've used only React, no backend. Mobile menu is basically a container which takes the height of the entire screen and minimum width required to render the elements. The toggle is implemented by maintaining a state of the menu using react

Is the source code for your portfolio open source? I really like a number of the elements you have used.

Nope, it's not open-source


I like it, nice! :)


That's really cool, I like the nature plus tech theme.


Great collection, thank you for sharing!

Here's mine if you want to take a look as well - nahid.dev/

It is built with Gatsby with headless WordPress at the BE. It is currently a WIP and under-going a re-design.


This is pretty cool😁


I'm very impressed by all of these websites, however, most of them are too heavy for mobile experience. I guess that's because the purpose of a portfolio is to leave impression and not to provide the best ux. I'm building my own portfolio now, and wondering what I should aim for: flashiness or snappiness.


Nice post!

This is mine moniquealtero.dev

I'd really appreciate some feedback 🥰


The portfolio from Jenny Johanesson was developed by Aristide Benoist, I love all of his portfolios,especially the desktop version.

Mine was the reason how I just landed my new job in another continent (the desktop version is far better than the mobile which is basic with almost no animations) :


This inspiration feels like I chose the wrong career. Hahahahaha.


Really liked this one:

Bruno Simon

Creativity at its best.


Javier Díaz from México



Thank you! very very inspiring!


Really inspiring, nice share... Please check out my portfolio as well: zonayed.me


May I join the party? This is my portfolio ~ loouislow81.github.io. Enjoy!


Great list of portfolios


Perfect, I've been looking for nice portfolios/personal websites to keep in a collection. I also like to brighten the person's day by sending them a compliment. :)


Hi, this is a great list. I would be happy if you also look at my portfolio.



I was looking for something like this for a long time, Thank you for this