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The Weekly Dev - 202221

Cryptography for good

To anyone who tried to put some asset out online, it is absolutely obvious the need for some sort of security.

It's not some sort of paranoia, if you have something out like an email server, a webserver, a PBX or anything else, just take a look at your logs!

After just a couple of days, you will start to notice all kind of strange requests, spamming, phishing an whatnot.

It is overwhelming, probably something near to 90% of your traffic is due to those extraneous, nonsensical, puzzling requests.

I said "If you had a look", but it goes without saying that is something that of course you have to do.

Also I assume that if you have those services out there it is because you care about them, because you need them.

Then all the competences regarding security, encryption schemas, certificate management should be something you're familiar with, because it's part of how things work:

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