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When Lighthouse Itself Causes Issues

Mads Stoumann
I'm a web developer, graphic designer, type designer, musician, comicbook-geek, LEGO-collector, food lover … as well as husband and father, located just south of Copenhagen, Denmark.
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I was re-inspecting my homepage after some edits earlier today, and discovered — to my horror 😱 — that my perfect score was not so perfect anymore.

The Best Practices were down to 93%. Why?

After some digging, I found this post:
Lighthouse Complaining About CSP Violation

And ... it's right! If I add the unsafe-inline-entry to the styles-src of my content-security-policy, it's back at 100%.

I won't do that, of course — but interesting to notice, that Lighthouse itself can cause issues!

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Jan Küster

Thanks for finding out