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Positive Impacts on Business Brought with Android App Development Benefits

Karl Parkar
Hey there, I’m Karl Parker. I’m a mobile app developer living in Singapore. I am a fan of technology, innovation, and web development. I’m also interested in programming.
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The time spent on mobile apps is on the rise. An average adult spent more than two hours a day on mobile apps in 2017, according to estimates published by eMarketer. This is not surprising with the expanding capabilities of smartphones and mobility solutions. What is surprising though, is that the number of apps installed and used regularly by an average adult is declining. Users have become increasingly discerning and have little patience with apps that have even the slightest flaws.

Mobile apps are where the users are. So, if your business hasn’t already considered Android app development, it’s time to do so. With more than 2 billion active devices and a market share of over 80%, Android is the most widely used operating system. So, it makes sense to begin the digital journey of your business with Android mobile app development.

Here are the top benefits of Android application development:
Open Source
Customizable UI
High ROI
Greater Flexibility

Choose an Android app development company that offers a powerful mobile app development platforms, with pre-configured modules. This will lower cost and time to market.

The average smartphone user is increasingly relying on mobile apps for a range of tasks, from waking up in the morning to getting around, coordinating with colleagues, checking the weather, responding to emails, shopping, entertainment and much, much more. With technological advancements in cloud storage, machine learning, AI and augmented reality, the capability of mobile devices and apps has expanded significantly. No wonder then that the average adult spent close to two-and-a-half hours per day on mobile apps in 2017, according to estimates presented by eMarketer.

The rise in time spent on apps doesn’t come as a surprise. What is surprising, however, is the decline in the total number of apps installed and regularly used by an average adult. This trend highlights how selective and demanding users have become. They would not give an app a second chance if it seems to have even the slightest flaw. Due to this reason, it’s critical for businesses to identify the top Android app development company to work with as well as to be aware of technological advancements like MADPs to gain a competitive advantage.

Why Android App Development?
Given rapid digitalization, mobility has become core to the marketing strategy of a range of businesses, across industries and from small startups to Fortune 500 companies.  

Mobile apps play a key role in brand building, reaching out to a larger customer base, improving your market position, boosting revenues and expanding the market share.

If you’re thinking your business doesn’t need a mobile app to connect with and sell to loyal customers, think again. Customer retention is as important and can be done as effectively with mobile apps.

Once you’ve decided to create a mobility solution, the next decision to make is the operating system, to begin with. Many businesses begin their digital transformation with Android app development. This makes sense, as Android has more than 85% share of the OS market, according to figures published by Statista. And, there are more than 2 billion active Android devices worldwide, says this tweet by Google.

Benefits of Android Application Development for Your Business
Android is an open-source platform built on Linux. It offers the complete range of solutions for mobile devices from OS and middleware to mobile applications. Apart from performance, scalability, and speed, there are several other benefits of Android mobile app development. The most important of these are:

Open Source: Your business can benefit from the Android Software development kit without having to pay licensing costs or other fees. What’s more, the vibrant community of Android app developers provides suggestions and guidance for more attractive solutions.

Customizable User Interface: Android offers a highly customizable user interface, allowing you to create the best experience for your target audience.

Multiple Sales Channels: Unlike other mobile platforms that have a tight control on distribution channels, Android apps can be deployed in several ways. Apart from using Google Play, you can distribute your app via third-party channels.

High ROI: Android has a lower entry barrier than other operating systems. The SDK of Android is available for free, which reduces the overall costs of Android application development.

A business can increase its ROI by creating the mobility solution on a MADP. A powerful MADP allows businesses to leverage a rich set of pre-developed modules. Meaning, for any functionality that you require for your app, a pre-written code set is readily available. All you have to do is to drag and drop the chosen modules, design the layouts and UI, and deploy the app in a matter of weeks. An experienced Android app development company and a robust MADP would allow you to launch a highly customized and superior quality app at a fraction of the cost of traditional Android application development and the time-to-market is 10 times faster.

Leverage Android App Development for Business Growth
With Android app development, businesses can:

Provide greater value to customers
Build brand identity and expand brand awareness
Establish stronger connections and build long-term relationships with customers, employees, and vendors
Gain a competitive advantage
Reach out to a wider demography and expand your customer base
Keep customers updated on new products, services, and offers
Stay in touch with a distributed workforce
Provide customers with a sales channel that is always within their reach
Increase customer loyalty
Build your brand and boost profits

If you’ve chosen an experienced team of Android app developers and the right MADP, you can innovate ahead of the competition and add to the goodwill associated with your company.

The one challenge business face with Android is the wide variety of versions and device specifications simultaneously in use. This can mean a choice between narrowing the target audience and incurring an additional cost of ensuring compatibility with a larger number of device types and OS versions. This dilemma can also be addressed by using the right MADP.

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