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Fun with Quines

I was recently watching Dylan Bettie's talk "Art of Code" in NDC 2020 and honestly, it made me fall in love with coding all over again. If you haven't yet watched here, you are missing a hell lot of fun that coding can bring you.

In his talk, among all other things, he also mentions of quines. A quine is basically a program that prints its own source code. You can read about it all over the internet. But that's not the point, the point is do you want to write one in the programming language you are most familiar with? Do you want to challenge your expertise in your comfort language? IF yes, this is an open invite to everyone here, to contribute to the repo QuineInAllLangs where I plan to accumulate quines in all possible programming languages for learning purposes. And, hope that you learn something as well in the process of writing your own equine and contributing to this repo.

Have a great weekend.

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