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Self taught guide to cloud computing

The other day I tweeted:

I decided to put a GitHub repo with a learning path, resources, and projects, I would take to gain a junior cloud engineer skillset in about 6 months. Here it is.

GitHub logo learntocloud / learn-to-cloud

Learn the fundamentals of cloud computing


Web version here

This is a guide based on our experiences getting into Cloud and DevOps. Once done, you should have the technical knowledge for roles like:

  • System administrator.
  • Cloud Support Engineer.
  • Cloud Administrator.

You can learn more about our journeys into cloud here:

We tried to keep it as general and using the most popular options (in terms of content, community, and jobs) as possible. The 6 month timeline is something we put in place to help people with planning and accountability. It may take you more or less time for each phase and if it does, that is completely fine.

Order Topic Time commitment
0 Start from zero tech experience optional
1 Linux, Networking, and Scripting fundamentals 4 weeks
2 Programming fundamentals 4 weeks

I also created a YouTube video with an overview of the guide.

This is based on my own experience. Your journey is yours. However, I still wanted to share in case anyone finds something useful.

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