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Mad Devs’ #6 Newsletter. October 2022

Mad Devs' #6 Newsletter: Tokenized Stocks, Spring Boot vs Quarkus, Engineering's Handbook and more IT news here!

Tokenized Stocks: Market, Trends, and Platforms Overview

People outside of Mad Devs are sharing their experiences on our blog. This article from CryptoMarry’s founder Altynbek Ismailov shared expert opinions about Tokenized Stocks.

The tokenization trend is taking over industries, solving longstanding problems, improving the performance of entire companies, and promising fundamentally new financial opportunities. But what are tokenized assets, and how do they work? What are the prospects and risks of tokenized assets? And in particular, what are tokenized stocks, and what are their benefits, opportunities, and features? All this and more in our article Tokenized Stocks.
Tokenized Stocks: Market, Trends, and Platforms Overview

What Is FinOps and How It Changes Approach to the Cloud Financial Management?

FinOps is a cloud management discipline that combines the business, technology, and finance teams to develop an operating model for the efficient use of cloud resources. It enables users to plan and manage their cloud resources, meet their goals, and improve their financial performance.

With the help of the FinOps approach and cloud management platforms, organizations can now achieve financial accountability for their variable spending on the cloud. This practice is carried out through a collaboration between the finance, distributed IT, and business teams. They can fine-tune the deployment of their cloud solutions to meet their business objectives.
What Is FinOps and How It Changes Approach to the Cloud Financial Management?

Spring Boot vs Quarkus: Which Framework to Choose in 2022

If you have fallen for the hype that Java is going to retire, you are advised not to jump to conclusions. Java’s development is actively going on, and to improve and extend its capabilities, third-party teams offer their solutions, particularly frameworks.

Today we will talk about two frameworks, Spring Boot and Quarkus, and more specifically, why they are needed and who needs them. Let’s compare Spring Boot vs Quarkus in terms of feature set, performance metrics, average development cost, market popularity, and other important aspects. This article promises to help you understand whether Spring Boot or Quarkus is better for your applications or more worth learning.
Spring Boot vs Quarkus

How to Create Cash Flow Management Software

The global cash management market is expected to grow at a rate of 12.6% during the next few years. It is estimated that the market will be valued at around $25.37 billion by 2027. The primary factors that are driving the growth of the finance software market are the increasing number of people using mobile applications and the increasing number of enterprises focusing on digitization. The market is also growing due to the increasing number of internet users worldwide.

This article will describe the importance of cash flow management and provide a list of the most powerful and useful software.
How to Create Cash Flow Management Software

The new ebook is ready to be read

Mad Devs Engineering’s Handbook is a guide on how to effectively organize processes in a company so that they will certainly create value.

Years of experience and a long way by trial and error allowed us to develop a confident approach and practices, particularly in communication, preparation, and maintenance of documentation, which greatly facilitates many processes. Mad Devs Engineering’s Handbook is not a fundamental set of rules. It is our attempt to share knowledge and a compilation of tips and best practices that can easily be implemented.
The new ebook is ready to be read

Case study: A Health Tech Solution — Bilim App

BilimApp is an Android application in Turkmen. It features a variety of woman-health and rights-related instruments to help women in Turkmenistan achieve their health improvement goals and incorporate a healthier and rights-conscious lifestyle. It’s a women’s calendar with educational articles about health and women’s rights.

Our goal was to improve the application by adding new features and fixing the bugs. The main task was creating the backend and synchronizing it with the frontend. Read how we implemented it in our new case study.
Case study: A Health Tech Solution — Bilim App

Third-party custom development Insights:

When The CBDC Revolution Comes

Any proposed digital pound would likely be managed through some account rather than coins or banknotes. These comments seemed to imply that tokens on a blockchain were only some of that when it comes to a cash alternative.

3 Stages of a Successful Digital Transformation

There’s a learning curve to digital transformation, and most companies need to walk before they can run. The key is to start with modernization efforts that don’t transform the business but create the capacity to succeed later in more ambitious efforts.

The Software Developer’s Fate in Low-Code/No-Code World

With no-code/low-code tech, the skills of an average everyday worker are imbued with abilities only software developers and IT professionals once possessed, like building webpages, applications, data analysis, and more.

Enji — TeamLead, who never sleeps

Our product helps teams effectively achieve key goals in software development. Enji provides a comprehensive project overview using all the data it collects and is always up-to-date.

Enji and all its rich functionality are free for all Mad Devs customers. If you aren’t a Mad Devs customer, but you have interested in Enji, we are ready to provide you with a free trial period of 6 months.

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