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Pragmatic Maciej
Pragmatic Maciej

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Mentoring? Would you be interested?

Want to know your opinion if such thing like mentoring online, when you buy 1 on 1 call with some senior dev would be interesting product for you? Would you buy such? What would you want to discuss? Your current problems in work, learning, or would like to take some kind of classes from some topic. What would you require from such mentoring?

Or maybe its not a thing for you, and if so why? Maybe you tried, and it doesn't work for you? I would like to know your opinion.

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Endy Tjahjono

I think if I have a problem, I would be interested. Especially on topics that's hard to search online, or easy to search but has contradictive opinions about it.

But in this hypothetical scenario I need to know first that you have expertise on the topic and can help me with the problem.

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Ryan McGuinn

I would be interested in this. Personally, an overview of workflow and best practices would be most useful for me.

To speak 1 on 1 with a more experienced dev about my thought process and workflow would be very helpful. Surely they could point out areas of improvement and where I lack in efficiency.

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Brandin Chiu

This is something I do (although I don't currently charge for it), but provide consulting and mentorship services for new Devs.

In my experience the process is often very valuable, although managing personal bandwidth can be tricky.

Most people I work with are looking for higher-level insight, and not so much regarding actual specific code other than common things like "how can I make this better?"

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Piotr Chojnacki • Edited


Online mentoring is a great idea ;) I would definitely buy few hours for discussions of my work. ;)