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Do you have some kind of Pull Request Score in your company?

maciejtrzcinski profile image Maciej Trzciński 🌱🇵🇱 ・1 min read

I meant some kind of score, how good is your PR (how many bugs have)

For example:

Reviewer found 3 bugs in PR, then PR author lose 3 points from overall score. (Like motivation system)

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Reinder • Edited

It sounds a bit demotivational to me, to be honest. You expect there to be bugs and to have points taken from someone's score.

If you code through TDD, a PR should pass all tests. Otherwise it shouldn't even be pull requested in the first place. By doing so you can discuss the way a feature is implemented and if the tests cover every required aspect. You can skip discussions about whether the code even works as intended.

In my opinion, it's more motivational to work towards a decent pace as a team. A steady pace in which you can handle a stable amount of story points and in which you can deliver good features that truely help the business. Having a happy team with a steady flow is worth everything. This pace is your team's velocity. That's a really nice and positive thing to track.

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Jon Randy

Sounds like somewhere I wouldn't want to work

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Charanjit Chana

My previous job used SVN, worked fine for us but no real concept of pull requests in that world. At least not for us. We had a real quality problem so we gamified the process of committing. Scores were kept over a rolling 90-day period. It was done in good fun and it was a bit of extra motivation for not breaking the build.

I had a dashboard running in the office for other reasons be we added that to it, the point was never to punish someone, I would have taken it away had that happen.

I think it’s success was down to the personality of the team members. Not sure it would get buy in from the teams I work with now.