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Discussion on: I've been looking to break into the industry since 2018, what am I doing wrong?

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Mark Powell

First of all you're doing a lot of things right. You have a good sense of design and some cool project ideas. And you seem passionate about development. No one is laughing at you. Everyone is on their own path.

Some things I would look to change, as a junior dev who's had a few dev roles and freelance projects.

I never had a portfolio site to showcase my work, but if I did, as a front-end developer I would not use Squarespace. You are selling your development skills to potential employers but use a website builder for your own online identity.

Rebuilding your portfolio site without Squarespace in HTML,CSS and JS (React or Gatsby or whatever you fancy) would be my first step. You could even create a blog or notes section where you describe issues you've found and overcome along the way or tell about compromises you've had to make for performance/UX. Hiring manager love passionate junior developers that can show that they are constantly learning and improving.

My second suggestion is pushing your volunteer experience. It's awesome that you are getting involved with Philly Tech Sistas. I would highlight your volunteer work on your landing page, about page and in your resume. I think you volunteering will make you stand up as a candidate in a lot of job interview process.

If you are getting call backs from your applications, then what you are doing must to be working and maybe it's something that needs to change in the in-person interviews. I personally try to show passion and talk about what i've learned in each project. What worked, what failed and how I can take that experience into my next project.

One last suggestion is to connect with tons of recruiters. They might not have roles that fit you all the time, but they can maybe give feedback on your resume.

And lastly, it's a game of numbers. Keep sending off those resumes and keep trying. You will get there!