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Discussion on: Skills required to be a full stack developer: a checklist

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Mark Powell

I agree with most of your points but here's my 2 cents

Could have also put in Angular or Vue in there. React is the most popular but not necessarily the best to find a job.

How to make a REST API in NodeJS and Express
Alternatively, look at GraphQL which is gaining a lot of momentum in many job markets. Same with Serverless for smaller projects that might not need a server running 24/7.

Would also recommend looking into how to use basic cloud services like how to connect to storage like AWS S3, Digital Ocean Spaces etc. No need to be an expert or be certified, but it helps to know of them.

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About libraries:
If you're from US, React is more popular.
If you're from EU, Vue is super popular.

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Simon Barker Author

These are good additions. I actually almost put Angular as while it's not as popular there is great demand for Angular developers as they harder to find. I went with React from an ease of learning and that many job listings ask for it.