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Embedded System

What is an Embedded System?
Embedded System is the integration of actuators, sensors and also intelligence with the support of a system to give a more versatile, robust output.
A microcontroller is a chip that contains :

  1. CPU
  2. RAM
  3. ROM
  4. FLASH This chip functions as the brain of an embedded system. It is built in such a way that it can process a lot of activities together and give a robust output. We can use a microcontroller:
  5. when Intelligence is required.
  6. It is less expensive than all other components.
  7. It breaks down complexity in embedded systems, e.t.c. When we do not use a microcontroller:
  8. little or no intelligence.
  9. Slow response, e.t.c. We have different examples of microcontrollers, the most common one we have today is the arduino. The Arduino is a multitasking microcontroller. It is designed not only for technicians but also for other people like artists. It is designed for hobbies. It is also used to create simple circuits. We have different types of Arduino, for example:
  10. Arduino Uno
  11. Arduino Mega
  12. Arduino Nano
  13. Arduino Micro e.t.c In the Arduino, we have different pins on it. The two types of pins we have are:
  14. Digital pins/GPIO
  15. Analogue pins Digital pins/GPIO:
  16. General Purpose Input and Output.
  17. Can be used as digital input or output.
  18. Each pin is uniquely assignable.
  19. "Analogue" (PWM) output are:3,5,6,9,10,11.
  20. Analogue pins 0-5 can also be used as GPIO pins. Arduino shield Shields are the things that can connect up to your Arduino.

AbdulMalik Abdulazeez is 14 and an upcoming Embedded Systems Engineer at IQ Academy Bodija Ibadan. Kindly support my work here

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Ahmidat Gbadegesin is a School Admin 2 and Student Manager at IQ Academy Ibadan.

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