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Maame Afia Fordjour
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It was the last day of February and i remember closing from work tired and unhappy. I got home and started thinking about ways to get a better paying job. I had filled out so many CVs and i am pretty sure if my thumb could speak, it would have told me to quit scrolling through my mail each morning. I then went on google and searched 'Most paid jobs worldwide' (i was ready to risk it all even if i had to go to uni again). And i saw 'software developer' listed out on one blog i saw. I got curious and decided to just look it up and see the roles of a software developer. After looking at the requirements, i was like 'oh i am not cut out for this cause i don't even have a computer science or IT related degree'.

I then went on twitter to look up software developers (mind you, i honestly and naively thought people who coded were all software developers) I had no idea that there were so many fields you could get in Tech. I then researched more and found out you could be a web developer(front-end/back-end), data scientist, cloud architect, UI/UX developer and so on. So i got intrigued and decided to just explore the options and see what i would be cut out for.

If anyone reads this, i don't really know how this site works i just got on it today. The person would probably think i am now a pro developer or some sort and writing about my success story. Well no! i just started learning HTML and CSS and i am here to be documenting my entire journey to motivate me to never stop. One day i want to look back and read this post and say i actually did it.

Also, i SUCK at editing on these posts with codes so if anyone is really good at that and is generous enough to help me on that, i would be very thankful. If you would want us to connect or you are also a beginner just like me starting out with specifically HTML,CSS or JAVASCRIPT. Please feel free to like this post or comment on it so we can connect. Thanks!

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Medea • Edited

welcome! good luck with your journey!

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Maame Afia Fordjour

Thank you!