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How do I use Amazon Linux 1 image on Vagrant?

maaaato profile image MasaWorkout Originally published at Medium ・1 min read

Sometimes, I want to use Amazon Linux 1 image on Vagrant. it because Our team uses Amazon Linux 1 image on development and production. So, I'd like to introduce how do use Amazon Linux 1 image but so simple.


Mac OS 10.14.5
vagrant --version
Vagrant 2.2.4
virtualbox 6.0.4 r128413 (Qt5.6.3)

Please install vagrant and VirtualBox before install command.
Let's install.

vagrant init mvbcoding/awslinux
vagrant up

It's super simple, right?
I read this blog.
Vagrantでお手軽にAmazon Linuxの仮想マシンを立てる

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