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What is the JAMStack missing to compete with Wordpress?

Maher Alkendi
Developer from the [O] 🇴🇲
・1 min read

The JAMStack is on the rise and I love the development environment it provides, but in the freelance world it is not the preferred option. Right now Wordpress is king. What does the JAMStack need to compete?

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No need of devops (no CI etc), JAMstack lacks of plug & play plugin system, good CMS editor

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Jonathan P

Netlify has a CMS now

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Maher Alkendi Author

Hmm I guess using headless Wordpress might fix the CMS issue.

I see your point about devops

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Sergey Mochalov

WordPress is easy to maintain. Any non-technical people can write content in it editor without any additional service. You have wordpress, good and user-friendly admin zone and simply editor.

JAMStack as I see needs additional services like Forestry an so on. And they has limits so you pay for writing you content and push it to your JAMStack-project.

With WordPress you just write! Free and easy.

IMHO if this problem would be solved JAMStack has chances to spread the world.

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Maher Alkendi Author

I think many Headless CMS's are becoming more and more friendly. Only issue is convincing the client haha