Make art, not apps <3

Thomas Pikauli on January 30, 2019

One of the most crippling things you can do as a programmer is to try and build an app. Especially an ambitious one. Apps are like buildings. The... [Read Full]
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This is awesome. I absolutely agree with you. Building an app does help learning to code, but there is so much that gets in the way. Making something small and fun will help one learn and possibly provide joy for others. There’s nothing wrong with that.


Agreed -- and both are great homes for making fun little artsy code blocks.


Definitely! It's always great (and humbling) to see what the people there come up with.


That is so true, and I've noticed that in my own doing. It's so much more rewarding to create something that you can be proud of. And I, speaking of myself as a developer, start to create these grand ideas of applications and think that I someday will change the world with them (I hope I someday do)

However, I think it is good to try out things that are out of your reach. Even if it's a failure, you can always return to that same idea and try to build it again. And if you've been coding there between the attempts, you will get much closer on the second or the third attempt.

One personal example I have, is when I tried to build my own blog. I think I restarted building it with 1 year intervals, each time removing the old one and creating a new improved version. I was so excited when I finally got out something, after failing those previous two times!


I like to think of coding as some form of art (literature?).

That isn't easy at all. Thinking that way challenges your mind to always look for better ways to make code a joy to read and work with.

This way of thinking has led me to study things like state management, bem, functional programming all while asking myself how to better communicate with the code's readers.


I'm going on ten years, and I have yet to build an "app". Plenty of small desktop utilities, a game or two, and a plethora of libraries, but no apps. I feel no need to, and may well go my entire career without once touching mobile.


Agreed, at a certain point every app is just a mix of CRUD functionality and API calls. It's much more fun to make cool little interactive pieces


Yes! It's good to learn CRUD and have a firm grip on building such functionality, but there's so much more to learn and make.

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