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Add more variant to Material-UI Typography

Hey there,

You know that Material-UI Typography component has variant props that include 15 default types such as: h1 ~ h6, subtitle1, body1, and so on. you can see options here
now, if you want to add some more to your Typography component and have more design for it you must create a custom typography component like below.

this is MyTypography.tsx that is in my components directory.

import { TypographyProps, Typography } from '@material-ui/core'
import classNames from 'classnames'
import React, { ElementType, FC } from 'react'
import useMyTypographyStyle from './MyTypography.styles'

interface IMyTypography extends Omit<TypographyProps, 'variant'> {
  | TypographyProps['variant']
  | 'h2Bold'
  | 'subtitle1Bold'
  component?: ElementType
const MyTypography: FC<IMyTypography> = (props) => {
  const classes = useMyTypographyStyle()
  const isCustom = Object.keys(classes).indexOf(props.variant) > -1
  return (
      variant={isCustom ? undefined : (props.variant as any)}
          ? classNames(classes[props.variant], props.className)
          : props.className

export default MyTypography
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In this case we made a component that it variant get undefined or default Material-UI Typography variant based on isCustom value and this value is the props when we pass to MyTypography component.
Also you must have a style file for add your design to your custom variants.

import { makeMyStyles } from 'theme'

const useMyTypographyStyle = makeMyStyles(
  ({ typography }) => ({
    h2Bold: { ...typography.h2, fontWeight: 700 },
    subtitle1Bold: { ...typography.subtitle1, fontWeight: 700 },
  { name: 'myTypography' },

export default useMyTypographyStyle
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Thats it. we done it. now you have 17 values for your variant props and when you want to use Typography component you must use it like this

<MyTypography variant='h2Bold'>heading 2 with custom styles</MyTypography>
<MyTypography variant='subtitle1Bold'>subtutle 1 with custom styles</MyTypography>
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